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[ 15.07.2020 ]
Salad Kale with avocado

The Beefbar offers the opportunity to try the rarest meats with the most prestigious origins, all matured and prepared to perfection: Black Angus from Argentina and the USA, Australian Wagyu, Japanese Kobe... What a delight it is to find the Beefbar’s classics for the first time in the mountains, on the vast sunlit terrace of Le Coucou! 
Today we will cook a tasty salad with avocado.
Sliced Kale Salad – 80 g
Mesclun – 80 g
“Sarde” bread – 5 g
Parmesan cheese – 3 g
Fried Onions – 3 g
Lemon Peel – FM
Avocado – ¼

Lemone Juice – 5 cl
Minced Garlic – 5 g
Minced Anchovy – 15 g
Minced Capers – 10 g
Olive oil – 20 cl
Salt, pepper – FM

Season the kale and the mesclun with the sauce.
Add this mix to a shallow dish.
Place the pieces of avocado around the edges.
Top with the bread, parmesan, lemon and onions.

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