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Vilnius                                  03 September 2018


This Personal Data Confidentiality Policy (hereinafter – the Confidentiality Policy) is in effect in respect of information about User that can be received by UAB ERIKA LT, acting under the ENJOYSKI  LUXURY SNOW HOLIDAYS trademark, hereinafter referred to as Enjoy Ski, at the time of provision of programs, information and services on www.enjoy-ski.com website.




1.1. The following terms are used in this Policy:

1.1.1. “Administration of www.enjoy-ski.com website” (hereinafter – the Website Administration)” means employees authorized to administer www.enjoy-ski.com website and acting on behalf of Enjoy Ski and organizing (or) performing personal data processing and determining objectives of personal data processing, composition of personal data to be processed and actions (operations) made with personal data.

1.1.2. “Personal data” means any information pertaining directly or indirectly to an identified or identifiable individual (personal data subject).

1.1.3. "Personal Data Processing" means any action (operation) or the aggregate of actions (operations) performed with use of means of automation or without use of such means with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, alteration), retrieval, use, transfer (distribution, disclosure, access), depersonalization, blocking, removal, and destruction of personal data.

1.1.4. “Personal Data Confidentiality” means a binding requirement not to allow dissemination of data by the person that gets access to personal data without consent of the personal data subject or presence of another lawful basis.

1.1.5. “User of www.enjoy-ski.com website (hereinafter the User)” means a person having access to the Website via Internet and using the Website located at the domain name www.enjoy-ski.com.




2.1. Use of www.enjoy-ski.com website by the User means consent to this Policy and terms of User’s personal data processing.

2.2. The User shall terminate use of www.enjoy-ski.com website in case of disagreement with terms of CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY, PURCHASING POLICY, DELIVERY POLICY AND RETURN POLICY.

2.3. This Confidentiality Policy applies to www.enjoy-ski.com website only. Enjoy Ski does not control and is not liable for websites of third parties, to which the User can go by links available on www.enjoy-ski.com website.

2.4. Website Administration does not check trustworthiness of personal data furnished by the User of www.enjoy-ski.com website.


3.1. This Confidentiality Policy sets forth obligations of the Administration of www.enjoy-ski.com website on nondisclosure and support of confidentiality protection regime for personal data that the User furnishes upon request of the Website Administration when registering at www.enjoy-ski.com website or when framing the order.

3.2. Personal data authorized for processing within the framework of this Confidentiality Policy are furnished by the User by filling the registration form on www.enjoy-ski.com Website in online payment/ Billing section and comprise the following information:

3.2.1. Surname, given name, patronymic of the User;

3.2.2. Contact phone of the User;

3.2.3. Email address.

3.3. Any other personal information not specified above (history of purchases, browsers and operation systems in use, etc.) shall be safely kept and not disseminated, except cases stipulated in Para. 5.3 of this Confidentiality Policy.



4.1. The Website Administration can use personal data of User for purposes of:

4.1.1. Identification of the User registered at www.enjoy-ski.com website, for order making and/or conclusion of the Cooperation Agreement remotely from the Enjoy Ski website.

4.1.2. Providing access to personalized resources of the Website to the User.

4.1.3 Establishing feedback with the User, including sending notices, requests pertaining to use of the Website, provision of services, and processing of requests and applications from the User.

4.1.4. Identifying User’s location to support security and prevent fraud.

4.1.5. Confirming trustworthiness and completeness of personal data furnished by the User.

4.1.6. Creating an account for making purchases if the User sent the booking request to the address indicated in contact information of Enjoy Ski.

4.1.7. Notifying the Enjoy Ski Website User about application status.

4.1.8. Processing and receiving payments, confirming tax or tax benefits, disputing payment, determining the User’s right to receive loan facility.

4.1.9. Provision of efficient customer and technical support to the User when problems arise, related to use of Enjoy Ski website.

4.1.10. Providing the User subject to his/her consent with special offers, price information, newsletters and other data on behalf of Enjoy Ski or on behalf of Enjoy Ski partners.

4.1.11. Carrying advertising business subject to User’s consent.

4.1.12. Providing the User with access to websites or services of Enjoy Ski partners for the purpose of receiving products, updates and services.



5.1. Personal data of the User are processed without limitation of the term, by any lawful method, including in personal data information systems with use of automation aids or without use of such aids.

5.2. The Website Administration does not transfer personal data to third parties.

5.3. Personal data of the User can only be transferred to authorized government agencies on the basis and in the manner set forth by legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

5.4. When personal data are lost or disclosed, the Website Administration shall inform the User about loss or disclosure of personal data.

5.5. The Website Administration undertakes required organizational and technical measures for protection of User’s personal information against unlawful or accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, dissemination, and against other illegal action of third parties.

5.6. The Website Administration in cooperation with the User undertakes all the necessary measures to prevent losses or other adverse consequences caused by loss or disclosure of User’s personal data.



6.1. The User shall:

6.1.1. Furnish reliable information about personal data needed for Enjoy Ski website use.

6.1.2. Update, complement furnished information about personal data in case of change in the given information.

6.2. The Website Administration shall:

6.2.1. Use information received solely for the purposes specified in Para. 4 of this Confidentiality Policy.

6.2.2. Ensure keeping of confidential information in secrecy, not to disclose without prior written permit of the User and not to make sale, exchange, publishing or disclosure of transferred User’s personal data by other possible methods, except Para. 5.3 of this Confidentiality Policy.

6.2.3. Undertake precautionary measures for protection of confidentiality of User’s personal data according to the procedure commonly used for protection of such kind of information in the current business turnover.



7.1. The User is fully responsible for provision of reliable information about personal data needed for use of Enjoy Ski Website.

7.2. The Website Administration is responsible for provision of reliable information at the time of purchase and booking of Enjoy Ski services.

7.3. The Website Administration is not liable in case of loss or disclosure of Confidential Information if the said Confidential Information:

7.3.1. Became public possession prior to its loss or disclosure.

7.3.2. Was received from the third party prior to time of its receipt by the Website Administration.

7.3.3. Was disclosed with consent of the User.



8.1. Presentation of a claim (a written proposal on voluntary settlement of the dispute) is mandatory prior to applying to court with an action on disputes arising out of relations between the Enjoy Ski website User and the he Website Administration.

8.2. The claimee shall within 30 calendar days from the claim receipt day notify the claimer about results of claim consideration.

8.3. In case the parties fail to settle differences through negotiations, these shall be resolved at the location of Enjoy Ski in the Arbitration Court of Vilnius City.

8.4. The court decision on the dispute shall be final for the Parties.

8.5. In case of presence of any comments on the service quality, the User needs to promptly contact Enjoy Ski employees.

8.6. Current laws of the Republic of Lithuania apply to this Confidentiality Policy and relations between the User and the Website Administration.



9.1. Applications for booking accommodation facilities for clients shall be sent to Enjoy Ski by email and/or by phone against the following details

·         Tel.: +370 52 77 84 97, +33 695 066 404

·         E-mail: welcome@enjoy-ski.com

9.2. In the application, the User shall indicate preferable accommodation option (accommodation location, quantity and categories of suites) and visiting period. Following confirmation of booking, the User shall send by email the full list of visitors with indication of names and surnames in Latin letters; date of birth should be indicated for children.

9.3. The Parties shall agree on the price of accommodation and other services required by the client in each specific case.

9.4. The User shall pay the price of agreed service provided that money shall be credited before arrival and in accordance with agreed booking terms. Terms of booking and cancellation shall be set out in the booking confirmation and may be repeated in the invoice for payment. Booking shall be canceled automatically without further notice in case of breaching payment terms.

Kinds and methods of payment:

·         Transfer to the account of Enjoy Ski against details indicated in the Agreement of Cooperation;

·        Transfer to supplier’s account;

·        Credit card payment.

The payment for client service shall be made in Euro.

9.5. In case of change in effective taxes Enjoy Ski reserves the right to unilaterally change the service price without agreement between the Parties.

An extra payment for services shall be made in this case according to new terms.

The User shall be liable to Enjoy Ski for service payment.

9.6. Actions of banks and other institutions preventing performance of the obligation of payment for services shall not release the User from liability for payment delay. The risk of banking transactions delay and the risk of currency rates change shall be attributed to the User.

9.7. Adjustment and updating of payments for provided service shall be made at the latest of 14 days after accommodation ends.

9.8. Payment by Card shall be indicated in the application as the preferable method of payment in order to make the online payment by credit card. An invoice for payment and/or a link to make online payment by credit card will be sent to the User to the indicated email address only after confirmation and full agreement on booking conditions for accommodation and any other optional services. The User will be required to follow the sent link in order to make the online payment by credit card. The User shall verify payer’s information in the opened window and enter missing data if necessary. If indicated information is correct, the User can proceed to payment by pressing Continue button; the system will then direct the User to https://bank.paysera.com platform for making payment.




10.1. Enjoy Ski shall send the accommodation confirmation and any other optional services (vouchers) to the email address indicated by the User in the application after 100% payment for provided services.

10.2. Cancellation sanctions depend on a special policy pursued by a specific hotel and are also considered, being governed by laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Cancellation terms are indicated additionally in the invoice for payment. Making prepayment means unconditional acceptance and consent to penalties and deadlines for payments.

10.3. Payment and/or extra payment for booked services not made in time and indicated in the invoice is considered equivalent to cancellation of ordered services on the initiative of the client. Prepayment refund shall be made in this case in accordance with conditions of cancellation of services and shall in any case cover all the actual expenses of Enjoy Ski; general administration and business expenses of Enjoy Ski are also part of actual expenses.

10.4. Change of the visit date is viewed as cancellation and may entail relevant expenses.

10.5. Failure of the client to arrive at any accommodation facility or by starting time of service provision is viewed as cancellation of this service.

10.6. In case of complete cancellation of the trip by the client, penalties are summed up for all ordered and confirmed services.



11.1. The Website Administration is entitled to make amendments to this CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY, PURCHASING RULES, DELIVERY POLICY AND RETURN POLICY without User’s consent.

11.2. The new CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY, PURCHASING RULES, DELIVERY POLICY AND RETURN POLICY comes into force from its posting time on www.enjoy-ski.com website unless the new version of the CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY, PURCHASING RULES, DELIVERY POLICY AND RETURN POLICY provides otherwise.

11.3. All the suggestions or questions concerning this CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY, PURCHASING POLICY, DELIVERY POLICY AND RETURN POLICY should be communicated through the Contacts section - http://enjoy-ski.com/ru/contacts




Vilnius                                  03 September 2018

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