Courchevel 1850 - WHERE TO EAT

Le 1947 ***

Gastronomic cuisine

Chef: Yannick Alléno
+33 4 79 00 50 50
Rue du Jardin Alpin, 73120 Saint-Bon-Tarentaise, Courchevel.
The restaurant can accept a limited number of people. The kitchen into the dining room. Le 1947 centers around a striking perforated Corian sphere, a behind-the-scenes invitation to discover the chef’s secrets.

Opening hours: 07.30 pm-10.30 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.
а la carte 114-402 euros.

Pierre Gagnaire **

Gastronomic cuisine

Chef: Pierre Gagnaire
+33 04 79 00 38 38
Hotel Les Airelles, rue du Jardin Alpin, 73120 Saint-Bon-Tarentaise, Courchevel.
Pierre Gagnaire is happy to offer a fine and sophisticated cooking in Courchevel. “Courchevel 50 years later is a Chef dream”. This year, the Michelin two-starred Pierre Gagnaire pour Les Airelles restaurant reinvents itself into a new concept. Whole new savours and a rethought menu will delight the taste bud of the guests.

Opening hours: coming soon
Price: menu 220-395 euros; a la carte 140-180 euros.

Baumaniere 1850 *

Gastronomic cuisine

Chef: Jean-André Charial
+33 04 79 415 160
Rue de Bellecôte, 73120 Saint-Bon-Tarentaise, Courchevel. The restaurant is located in Le Strato hotel.
Jean-André Charial is owner of the legendary restaurant in Provence L’Oustau de Baumanière which has two stars in the Michelin guide. He is now full time with his team at the Baumanière 1850 restaurant.
A cosy fireplace with comfortable armchairs upholstered in colourful woollen materials, incredible ceilings with back displays of details from a famous painting at the chateau at Versailles. “Apotheosis of Hercules ». Legs of lamb on a spit with gratin dauphinois potatoes or lobster form Brittany cooked in chestnut leaves, forgotten vegetables with black truffle - the menu at Baumanière 1850 is very colorful.

Opening hours: 12.30 pm - 02.30 pm and 07.30 pm – 10.30 pm
Price: menu 180 euros; a la carte 48-80 euros.

Cap Horne

Savoyard cuisine

+33 479 08 33 10
Bas de la piste des Suisses - Route de l’Altiport – 73120
The chef is committed to offering a royally simple cuisine that showcases seasonal products. A DJ provides the ambience of this address that’s known as the place to be. Le Cap Horn is today a high altitude restaurant dedicated to the sea, which Eric Tournier is passionate about. Guests can eat inside the restaurant as well as outside on the terrace.

Opening hours: 11.00 am – 05.00 pm
Price: 19-395 euros.

La Casserole

Savoyard cuisine

+33 4 79 08 06 35
Piste des Grandes Bosses, 73120 Courchevel 1650
On the domain of Courchevel Moriond, from the Signal chairlift, La Casserole invites you every day for the lunch and dinners. The chef offers simple, tasty cuisine to be enjoyed in front of a roaring fire or in the sun of the terrace. New season, new card and always Nils Tournier to the orders.

Opening hours: 09.00 am – 05.00 pm
Price: menu 39-49 euros; a la carte 10-47 euros.

La Soucoupe

Savoyard cuisine

Chiefs: Marta et Yannuck Pecchio
+33 4 79 08 06 35
Piste des Grandes Bosses, 73120 Courchevel 1650
The chiefs offers Savoy specialties, prime beef rib cooked in the fireplace. The restaurant is located at the foot of the slopes. Terrace, kid’s menu.

Opening hours: 09.00 am – 05.00 pm
Price: a la carte 35-200 euros.

La Fromagerie

Savoyard cuisine; cheese specialities

+33 4 79 08 27 47
La Porte de Courchevel, 73120
At the resort entrance, a mountain style restaurant with a traditional cuisine of the region with large selection of cheese. The restaurant is open for dinners only.

Opening hours: 06.45 pm-00.30 am
Price: a la carte 12-56 euros.


Savoyard cuisine

+33 4 79 08 29 15
Rue de la Croisette, 73120 Courchevel
The chefs Mathieu and Tobias welcome guests in the evening for fondues, raclettes, hot stones and some "smart" earth and sea dishes from the Adventure’s chief. The restaurant is locared in the heart of the station.


Opening hours: 12.00-02.30 pm; 07.00-11.30 pm
Price: a la carte 18-139 euros.

Saint Nicolas

Savoyard cuisine

+33 4 79 08 01 10
Hotel Le Lana, route de Bellecote 73120 Courchevel                                                    
At the restaurant Le Saint-Nicolas, you will enjoy an authentic Savoyard cuisine in a mountain atmosphere. The restaurant is open every evening for dinner.

Opening hours: 07.00-10.00 pm

Le Chalet de Pierres

+33 4 79 08 18 61
Le Jardin Alpin - Piste des Verdons - 73120 – Courchevel
The restaurant is located on the Verdons slope. Large spaces, varied menu, traditional cuisine and local specialties, nice wine selection and incredible desserts. Inside 2 levels with beautiful slopes view, a snack area for a quick and tasty meal. Outside covered and heated terrace for lunch in the open air.

Opening hours: 12.00 pm – 4.30 pm; snack 11.00 am – 16.30 pm
Price: 40-350 euros.

La Folie Douce

French and local cuisine

Chef: Franck Mischler
+33 4 79 00 58 31
Intermediaire Burgin Saulire Les Allues 73550
Two thousand metres up a mountain, Franck Mischler, Executive Head Chef of the Folie Douce/Fruitiere group and Michelin starred in his own right, brings you a menu that is inventive, working as ever with food from the local market. Assisted by Gilles Orru who orders in the food for Meribel, they effortlessly mix modern with traditional. Brand new this year: french-style snack-out on the Folie Douce’s terrace. Guests can enjoy an amazing cheese fondue with family and friends thanks to « Sharing Fondue » displayed outside.

Opening hours: 09.00 am – 05.00 pm
Price: 40-150 euros.

Le Bal

Gourmet cuisine

+33 04 79 08 13 83
Rue Park City - 73120 – Courchevel

Gourmet cuisine, selected wines and champagnes, music and mythical atmosphere, on the menu exceptional signature dishes such as monkfish casserole with morels, frogs’ legs and Chef’s veal chop. It’s the place to be: for a drink, a dinner or dance to the sound of the DJ. From 7.30pm until the early hours.

Opening hours: 07.30 pm-04.00 am
Price: a la carte 11-79 euros.


French cuisine

Chef: Jean-Luc Lefrançois
+33 4 79 04 01 04
Hôtel L’Apogée, 5 Rue Emile Allais, Le Jardin Alpin - 73120 – Courchevel
Head Chef offers a traditional, refined and generous French cuisine, for a moment of delight. Specialities: soft-boiled egg coated in brioche crumbs with winter vegetables and Viande des Grisons, line-caught sea bass in a pistachio nut crust with Pitchounette olives, polenta and artichokes and other.

Opening hours: 07.00-11h00 am; diner 07h00-10h30 pm
Price: a la carte 38-160 euros

LE Mille Sabords

Italian cuisine

+33 4 79 24 68 97
Place du Cap Horn, Rue de l’Altiport, 73120 Courchevel
The restaurant is located in the heart of Courchevel mountains. Traditional Italian cooking, find the pasta, the pizza and many other specialities in a playful and warm setting. And the decoration of the dining room remind the book “Twenty thousand leagues under seas”.

Opening hours: 11.00 am – 05.00 pm
Price: 19-199 euros.

La Cendree

Italian cuisine

+33 4 79 08 29 38
Courchevel 1850 Le Maroly Courchevel 1850 73120 Courchevel
The Italian gastronomic  restaurant in  Courchevel. The Italian chefs offer you the best in fresh homemade pasta, various tasty risottos, fine and crusty pizzas as well as the famous Tournedos Rossini dish and filet with morels. Ted Di Trapani, who was raised in a wine growing family, selected all the wines of his cellar himself. All this in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Opening hours: 12.00pm-2.30pm; 7.00pm-11.00pm
Price: 15-85 euros.

La table du Saint Roch

Savoyard cuisine

+33 4 79 08 02 66
Hotel Le Saint Roch, Piste Bellecote - BP3 73121 Courchevel 1850
The chef offers dishes that reflect local traditions, with produce and recipes from the region. There is a fireplace in the dining room, and a bar on the ground floor.


Opening hours: 07h30-10h30 pm
Price: a la carte 31-56 euros.

La Saulire

Bistronomy cuisine

Chef: Benoit Redondo
+33 479 080 752
Place du Rocher, Centre station, 73120 Courchevel 1850
Chef of the restaurant  Benoit Redondo has been practising his talent for 14 years. The speciality of the house is the black truffle guests can find in many creations of the chef. And The wine list is a kind of bible with all the famous Grands Crus from Bordeaux and prestigious spirits and liquors.

Opening hours: 12.00-03.00 pm; 07.00-11.00 pm
Price: a la carte 29-215 euros.

Le Chabotté

Gastronomic cuisine

+33 4 79 08 00 55
Hotel Le Chabichou, 90 route des Chenus - 73120 – Courchevel
The gourmet bistro is open  all year round, it combines “grande cuisine” and affordable prices. Le Chabotte can accept 150 people in the dining of 300 m2 and a mezzanine of 60 m2. The Chabotté bar is a meeting place for regulars in Courchevel. Open all year round.

Opening hours: 12.00 - 02h30 pm; 07h00 - 09h30
Price: 19-31 euros.


Japanese gastronomy

Chef: Jean-Luc Lefrançois
+33 4 79 04 01 045
Rue Emile Allais, Le Jardin Alpin - 73120 - Courchevel
Supervised by Executive Chef Jean-Luc Lefrançois, the Koori restaurant is a continuation of the success achieved last season. Lefrançois presents a varied menu embellished with undisputed creations, in particular ’The Koori Carpaccio’ or ’Black cod in miso sauce’, along with a selection of sushi and other Japanese specialties.
Beverage lovers will enjoy discovering the fabulous selection of sakes and a varied tea collection. It is a friendly place to journey to the heart of Japan. The Koori restaurant can host up to 50 seats and offers authentic, refined and inventive Japanese cuisine.

Openning hours:  07.00-11.00 am; 07.30-10.30 pm
Price: a la carte 30-140 euros.

Le Bizan

Japanese cuisine

Chef: Masahiro Adachi
+33 4 79 00 00 00
Hotel Grandes AlpesBP N°1 rue de l’Eglise – 73120 Courchevel 1850
The first gastronomic Japanese restaurant in Courchevel “Le Bizan” propose delicious dishes of traditional Japanese delicacies.
The chef of the restaurant is the prestigious sushi master, Masahiro Adachi “Masa” who worked in the Service of Japan’s emperor, including serving sushi, at the Imperial Palace for the inaugural banquet for the current reigning Emperor, Akihito, will reveal to you the secrets of Japanese “Haute Cuisine”. Guests can enjoy sushi, sashimi, miso soup and Kobe beef, “Masa” as well as delicious selection of sake.

Opening hours: 07.00 pm - 10.30 pm
Price: 95-190 euros.

Le Grand Café

Asian cuisine

Chef: Mr Koy
+33 4 79 08 42 97
Hôtel Le Saint Joseph - Rue Park City - 73120 – Courchevel
Mr Koy is a master in the delicate art of exotic  flavors. Its secrets: the crispy duck of Beijing, Japanese soups and salads, the seafood pot with red curry or its famous tears of the tiger. Decoration of the restaurant reminds the Shanghai of the 1930s.

Opening hours: 07.00 pm - 00.00
Price: a la carte 8–78 euros.

Le Tigrr

Asian cuisine

+33 (0)6 58 93 10 11
Porte de Courchevel - Rue des Tovets - 73120 – Courchevel
The menu of the restaurant offers the best standards of Thai and Asian cuisine with a beautifully interpreted Chinese fondue as signature dish (dim sum, sushi, nems). The restaurant in the evening and the club in the night.

Opening hours: 07.00 pm – 12.00 am
Price: a la carte 15-180 euros.

La Mangeoire

+33 6 50 66 80 42
Rue Park City, 73120 Courchevel Saint Bon
Wood burning "grillades", fondues and rotisserie specialities in a warm and festive ambiance. Restaurant-night club with lounge area and good music.

Opening hours: 07.00 pm - 02.00 am
Price: a la carte 20 euros; menu 60 euros.


+33 04 79 08 35 21
Place du Forum - 73120 – Courchevel
The restaurant has unusual decoration that combines the “destructive” style of an old factory with beautiful patinas, on the menu: grilled meats and fish in the fireplace, seafood, oysters and crustaceans. And the DJ plays until the early hours.

Opening hours: 07.30 pm – 02.00 am
Price: 15-139 euros.

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